About Us


We want to see women live courageous lives.

Courage isn’t always about taking great exploits. Courage is facing every day difficulty with faith and hope. Courage is doing the things that intimidate us. It’s facing our pain, pressing through our fears and listening AND responding to the voice of God. Courage isn’t just one big decision that changes everything. It is the small decisions we make every single day that, overtime, transform us into the women God has created us to be.

The people on our team are taking a courageous journey and we are determined not to take it alone. We host Time of Encouragement Events because we want women to know they’re not alone. There’s a tribe alongside them going through a lot of the same things they are going through! Our hope is that the encouragement we bring compels women to trust in Jesus and not lose hope. Our aim is to have women leave the event with more courage in their heart than when they walked through the entrance doors. We want to see women pursue the passions God has placed on their hearts instead of being held back by fear.

Every woman can benefit from encouragement, whether she finds herself in a low place or appears to be at the peak of her life. This is why we’ve created a space for women from all walks of life, to gather and get refueled, inspired and empowered by A Time of Encouragement.

- Estreanda Yates


 “Fan into flame the gift of God,

which is in you.”  

-2 Timothy1:6